Thousands of Tax Credits & Employer Incentives are available through Federal & State Programs. We will do all the work, and you will get the credit.

WOTC Tax Credits are worth up to $9,600.00 per New Hire. You can take advantage of these credits without changing your hiring process.

We have been Increasing our client’s Cash Flow for over 12 Years. Our clients are our best referrals.

TC Services USA has recovered $700 Million Dollars in Tax Credits & Refunds!
Hundreds of clients have been referred by reputable CPA Firms nationwide.

Get a Free Tax Credit Analysis by a TC Services USA consultant today.

Our Services

Federal Tax Credits

Every year billions of dollars in IRS Tax Credits go unclaimed.  By implementing the Work Opportunity Tax Credit or WOTC, your company can get a Tax Credit of up to $9,600.00 for each Qualified Employee!  Our integrated WOTC online system allows you to capture 100% of your new hires, thus maximizing your Tax Credit Dollars. 
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State Tax Credits

There are over 3,000.00 State Tax Credits available to employers in the USA.  Our team of Accounting Professionals are experienced in implementing any type of Tax Credit available to employers within their geographic location.   These include:  Youth Credits, Zoning Credits, Research & Development Credits (R&D), Fica Tip Credits, Employer Healthcare Credits, and more.
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Employer Incentives

We help our clients secure Job Training Grants, and Wage Subsidy Reimbursements.  We research your industry, your location, and your company dynamics, before we implement the programs that will be most beneficial to your company.  Our expertise in the area of Employer Incentives has saved our clients Thousand of Dollars in payroll & operating Expenses.

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Audit Services

Our Audit Specialists can recover Thousands of Dollars in overpaid Workers Comp. Premiums, Payroll Taxes, and Unclaimed past credits that your company may qualify for.  It is a Hassle – Free process that can result in large Refund Checks issued to your company.  As an added benefit, our analysis will result in a reduction of future premiums and operating costs.
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